Mining Law/Act

In a recent review undertaken for the United States Trade and Development Program, by the East-West Centre, Honolulu, it was recognised that procedures for gaining land access for mineral exploration and development in Fiji were among the most favourable in the South West Pacific.

The Government of Fiji, with a sound Mining Act and administration founded on British law is co-operative and pro-development, offering reasonable royalty and taxation structures, as well as negotiable taxation concessions to foster economic development.

The Ministry of Lands, Mineral Resources and Environment (‘MLMRE) is Fiji’s main Government agency that implements the country’s mineral development policies under the Mining Act of 1978 (revised 1985). The Mineral Resources Department (‘MRD’), under the MLMRE, develops mining policies and provides geological information to assist mining sector investors and facilitate the exploration and development of mineral and petroleum resources in the country.

Exploration licenses within Fiji are granted for gold, base metals, bauxite, limestone/marble, aggregate, petroleum and natural gas, and geothermal heat.