Sonic Drill Information

Magma Mines has recently placed an order to purchase a sonic drill rig from the developers of this state of the art drilling technology in Canada for use in Fiji. Sonic drills penetrate unconsolidated sediments very rapidly and deliver virtually 100% sample recovery. The high rate of drilling will greatly reduce time needed to drill off the Sigatoka sand deposit. Sediment samples are recovered as the material is located in section so that very accurate and reliable analysis of mineral content is assured. Detailed plots of the distribution of magnetite and other heavy minerals can then be produced for use in selection of mining areas.

  • The sonic drill in diagram 1 is a new drilling technology development that delivers close to 100% sample recovery from soft sediments, sands and similar material
  • No other system is available that is as quick, reliable or representative
  • It has only been in use over the past decade and is still not widely available
  • Use of this equipment gives Magma a technical advantage in Fiji in evaluating this resource and other similar alluvial deposits.

Figure 1 – Typical sonic drill rig set-up


Figure 2 – Sonic drill core recovery


Figure 3 – Sonic drill in motion


Figure 4 – Sonic drill ready to drill


Figure 5 – Sonic drill set-up preparation